Why choose us?

Over the years we have introduced a number of individuals just like you to the possibilities of ICT and digital media. We have helped a wide variety of people from vocations as diverse as artists, photographers, publishers, marketing, small businesses, self employed …  take their first steps into the digital world and develop their digital technology skills.

We understand – clearly understand and put into practice – what makes successful learning.  We can provide you with opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge for both professional development and personal growth.

We fully appreciate the value of providing quality education that focuses on developing practical, real-world skills that can be transferred to a variety of environments.

Studying part-time with Lamplark won’t require you to give up your current job and income. Our courses allow you to fit your studies around existing commitments. So you won’t have to compromise work and family responsibilities.


Lamplark provides a level of professionalism that many other training providers don’t.

  • Experience – We have been delivering training and development for over a decade.
  • Reputation – Known for the standard of our teaching and success of our students.
  • Expertise – Our tutors are skilled educational practitioners and highly  valued.
  • Quality – We only use qualified and experienced tutors and trainers.
  • Quality – We always strive to deliver excellent learning experiences.
  • Quality – All courses are monitored to ensure our quality standards  are maintained.
  • Value – We offer great value for money.


Take a quick look at our courses to see what Lamplark can offer you.

Investing in yourself

Any investment you make in your own learning is never wasted. The skills, knowledge and experience you gain through our training are yours to utilise in whatever way you choose. They go with you wherever you go and you have the freedom to use them as you please. The rewards you receive, not only professionally but personally, are limitless.

Our Trainers

All Lamplark courses are taught by individuals with a wealth of experience and a strong professional ethos. You will be taught by skilled professional tutors, all of whom are quality assured, experienced educators. We are committed to working with our students from the ground up, to instil focus, discipline, mutual support, self-respect and a commitment to best practices.

Our courses

Our course programme is always evolving.  We update and re-write our courses to keep pace with new research, processes and the changing needs of our students. We’re very good at listening to what people want and continue to create new courses to fit those needs.

Benefits of studying with Lamplark

Our course programme allows you to choose the right level and time to suit your needs.

We employ the latest training techniques, theories, models and best practice.

All our courses draw on the full range of training disciplines and approaches to ensure you develop into a versatile and highly effective trainer/facilitator with a wide range of tools and approaches to hand.
Collaborative learning and interaction through sharing of ideas and experiences.

You’ll get plenty of opportunities for skills development through practical hands-on activities and exercises.

Practical materials to support your studies and professional practice.
Our professional development action plans for students ensures you have a platform to continue to grow.

Check out our courses and see what Lamplark can offer you.