Your safety - Safeguarding & Prevent

Safeguarding and Prevent Duty is intended to promote the welfare of our learners and staff.  Its aim is to protect them from bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation.

Mature student using a laptop

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility

Lamplark believes that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.  We work to ensure that all people using our services are kept safe from all forms of harm.  We are committed to providing a safe learning environment in which learners and staff can feel secure to learn and work.

Prevent duty

‘Prevent’ is part of the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy.  It is designed to prevent people from becoming lured into terrorism or supporting terrorism.  We have a responsibility to recognise when someone may be becoming involved in or supporting terrorism and to offer support and make external referrals when necessary.  We understand the importance of protecting vulnerable people from radicalisation and safeguarding them from all forms of harm.

All staff are familiar with our Safeguarding and Prevent Policy and take part in mandatory training so they can recognise and act appropriately on any safeguarding concerns following the correct procedures.

If you have any safeguarding or prevent concerns, please contact our safeguarding team

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