Quality assurance

We aim to provide all our students with quality learning experiences. Quality matters to all of us. Tutors and students alike have an important part to play in maintaining the standards of student learning.

We set ourselves the following standards of service and monitor these for quality:


Helping you choose the right service

We will provide clear, accurate information and advice to help you make the right choice of course.

Course delivery and content

Our courses are inclusive, structured, well paced and conducted with professional discipline and humour.  Course content is always stimulating, relevant and includes plenty of practical activities.    

You are provided with support, advice and opportunities to practice your new skills and knowledge in a supportive atmosphere. The people who deliver our courses are also supported and encouraged to develop into being better.  

Course monitoring

As part of our quality assurance procedures we rigorously scrutinize and review the quality of our courses. This ensures your learning is delivered to a professional standard. We carefully monitor student attendance, completion and achievement levels.

Staff development and professionalism

All our tutors are expected to deliver quality learning experiences and encouraged to continually develop their expertise within their own professional practice.  

Course evaluations

Lamplark tutors are always happy to hear your views about your course. On completion of your studies you will be asked to complete a questionnaire which gives you the opportunity to offer your opinions about your course. We believe our training to be first-rate and actively encourage our students to let us know if our standards start to slip.  
Any questions?

If you have any questions about our quality assurance, please contact us.


General feedback

We welcome your views on the overall level of service Lamplark provides. We review all our student feedback thoroughly and act on suggestions wherever possible.

Please feel free to send us your general comments and feedback.