Digital Media Training

Lamplark’s digital arts classes cover subjects from Photo editing and digital publishing to creating logos, branding, typography and digital pattern design. You’ll learn to explore and express yourself creatively using a range of industry standard design software including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

We aim to make your learning as convenient as possible and can deliver our classes at your own premises on a date that’s convenient for you.
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Our one to one tuition is focused, in-depth and delivered by professional Tutors at a pace suitable to your abilities.

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Photoshop skills – level 1

This practical course is the ideal introduction to image manipulation using Photoshop. The course covers all the main features of Photoshop to enhance photographs and process digital images. Topics include image resolution, creating montages, making colour corrections, using filters, working with layers and retouching photographs.


Photoshop skills – level 2

This course builds upon your existing knowledge of Photoshop and focuses on developing your digital image manipulation skills further. Each lesson covers a specialist area in detail and you will be encouraged to develop these skills as the course progresses.


Photoshop: Retouching skills

This course is designed to explore the digital retouching tools and techniques available within Photoshop. You will learn how to enhance and make seamless changes to digital  photos using a variety of professional techniques.  There will be plenty of opportunities for you to practice your new skills and knowledge.


Photoshop for Design – level 1

This is our most popular course and will introduce you to the ‘magic’ of Photoshop. You will be encouraged to explore and experiment with a wide variety of the program’s features for the creation and manipulation of digital images. This is the perfect introduction for discovering and exploring the creative potential of Photoshop’s powerful features to produce your own original, eye catching designs.  


Photoshop for Design – level 2

This course focuses on developing your Photoshop design skills and to increase your list of techniques to produce your own artwork. You will expand your existing knowledge and further explore Photoshop’s creative power. The course has been developed for those who wish to increase their productivity and explore the program’s more complex features such as use masking and advanced layering techniques.


Camera Raw Essentials: Non-destructive editing

This practical class is the ideal introduction to Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw. The class covers the main features of Camera Raw to enhance photographs and process digital images. You’ll learn how to adjust and correct exposure problems, sharpness, crop and recompose photos  and convert colour photographs into black-and-white.


Illustrator for Design – level 1

Learn to use Adobe Illustrator to create beautifully drawn graphics and designs. This rewarding and fun course will give you the foundation skills, techniques and confidence to produce your own graphics and designs. You will be introduced to the essential skills, working towards a greater understanding of the main features of the program. Each lesson includes plenty of hands-on activities designed to consolidate new skills and build your confidence.


Illustrator for Design – level 2

This course is designed to help you discover new ways of producing professional artwork and to realise your creative and productive potential. The practical nature of each lesson will enable you to increase your productivity and explore more of Illustrator’s tools and features. Topics include advanced selection techniques, gradient meshes, patterns, LiveTrace, LivePaint, masking techniques and much more!


InDesign: Desktop Publishing skills

This course is designed to introduce you to Desktop Publishing (DTP) using Adobe InDesign. You’ll be introduced to the underpinning principles of DTP design and how to apply them to your own layouts. You will learn how to utilise the main features and commands of Adobe InDesign to create a variety of single page and multiple page layouts (i.e. posters, magazine spreads).


Digital Pattern Design using Photoshop

This course is designed for people who are interested in exploring the possibilities of using Photoshop for generating and manipulating pattern, colour and texture. This is a creative, hands-on course where you’ll learn the essential skills required for digital pattern generation.


Digital Pattern Design using Illustrator

This course focuses specifically on using the computer for drawing, designing and creating pattern repeats in Adobe Illustrator. This is a creative, hands-on course where you’ll learn the essential skills required for digital pattern generation.


Graphic Design essential skills

This course will provide you with a solid foundation in graphic design.  We’ll introduce you to the language of graphic design and design elements such as colour, layout, composition and typography. You’ll learn about the importance of designing for target audiences, how they affect your design decisions and influence the tone of a message.


WordPress: Create your own website

WordPress is the worlds’ most popular website publishing tool.  This course will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to create your own personal or professional website.  You’ll learn to use the main features common to both and  You will also learn how to change the look of your WordPress site.


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